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Welcome to Cracking Cookies

Our luxury fortune cookies are handcrafted from start to finish in our fortune cookie HQ in sunny Britain, by real people using only the freshest and finest natural ingredients. They are mixed, baked and moulded into their iconic shape, each containing a unique themed fortune or your own personalised message.

Remember, the power of surprise is in your hands!!!

What better way to celebrate any occasion or relay any message than sending some delicious fortune cookies.

We love creating delicious fortune cookies that can be personalised for any occasion, perfect for birthdays, wedding favours or gifts.

We were named Cracking Cookies from the signature crack of a fortune cookie when cracked open to reveal your message. The creation came from the frustration that when given a fortune cookie the fun part was cracking your cookie open to reveal your message but then throwing the tasteless and cardboard like cookie to one side.
So our mission began…………………………

Our aim was to bring a touch of luxury to fortune cookies and to create the finest fortune cookies ever that can deliver not just a personalised message or fortune but the indulgence and excitement of having your fortune message encased inside a delicious crisp shell from one of our signature flavours; handcrafted from the only the finest ingredients. What better way to celebrate any occasion or relay any message than sending some of our delicious fortune cookies.

Mission accomplished.

We look forward to crafting you some of our fortune creations

Michelle x

Creator & the team of Crafters

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